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org::rosuda::JRclient::Rtalk Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class encapsulates the QAP1 protocol used by Rserv. it is independent of the underying protocol(s), therefore Rtalk can be used over any transport layer

The current implementation supports long (0.3+/0102) data format only up to 32-bit and only for incoming packets.

Rtalk.java 1571 2005-09-13 22:17:58Z urbaneks

Definition at line 20 of file Rtalk.java.

Public Member Functions

Rpacket request (int cmd, int par)
Rpacket request (int cmd, String par)
Rpacket request (int cmd, byte[] prefix, byte[] cont, int offset, int len)
Rpacket request (int cmd, byte[] cont)
Rpacket request (int cmd)
 Rtalk (InputStream sis, OutputStream sos)

Static Public Member Functions

static int getInt (byte[] buf, int o)
static int getLen (byte[] buf, int o)
static long getLong (byte[] buf, int o)
static byte[] newHdr (int ty, int len)
static int setHdr (int ty, int len, byte[] buf, int o)
static void setInt (int v, byte[] buf, int o)
static void setLong (long l, byte[] buf, int o)

Static Public Attributes

static final int CMD_assignSEXP = 0x021
static final int CMD_attachSession = 0x032
static final int CMD_closeFile = 0x012
static final int CMD_createFile = 0x011
static final int CMD_detachedVoidEval = 0x031
static final int CMD_detachSession = 0x030
static final int CMD_eval = 0x003
static final int CMD_login = 0x001
static final int CMD_openFile = 0x010
static final int CMD_readFile = 0x013
static final int CMD_removeFile = 0x015
static final int CMD_setBufferSize = 0x081
static final int CMD_setSEXP = 0x020
static final int CMD_shutdown = 0x004
static final int CMD_voidEval = 0x002
static final int CMD_writeFile = 0x014
static final int DT_ARRAY = 11
static final int DT_BYTESTREAM = 5
static final int DT_CHAR = 2
static final int DT_DOUBLE = 3
static final int DT_INT = 1
static final int DT_LARGE = 64
static final int DT_SEXP = 10
static final int DT_STRING = 4
static final int ERR_access_denied = 0x48
static final int ERR_auth_failed = 0x41
static final int ERR_conn_broken = 0x42
static final int ERR_data_overflow = 0x4b
static final int ERR_detach_failed = 0x51
static final int ERR_inv_cmd = 0x43
static final int ERR_inv_par = 0x44
static final int ERR_IOerror = 0x46
static final int ERR_not_open = 0x47
static final int ERR_object_too_big = 0x4c
static final int ERR_out_of_mem = 0x4d
static final int ERR_Rerror = 0x45
static final int ERR_session_busy = 0x50
static final int ERR_unknown_cmd = 0x4a
static final int ERR_unsupported_cmd = 0x49

Package Attributes

InputStream is
OutputStream os

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