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void org::rosuda::JRclient::Rconnection::removeFile ( String  fn  )  throws RSrvException [inline]

remove a file on the Rserve

fn file name. should not contain any path delimiters, since Rserve may restrict the access to local working directory.
true on success, false otherwise

Definition at line 305 of file Rconnection.java.

References org::rosuda::JRclient::Rpacket::isOk(), and org::rosuda::JRclient::Rtalk::request().

            if (!connected || rt==null)
                  throw new RSrvException(this,"Not connected");
            Rpacket rp=rt.request(Rtalk.CMD_removeFile,fn);
            if (rp!=null && rp.isOk()) return;
        throw new RSrvException(this,"removeFile failed",rp);

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